About GIEC

GIEC is an established name in the Education Sector in Punjab, India and have an experience in selecting students and conducting assessments/counseling for continuing higher studies in Foreign Universities.


Founded in 1st June 2015 as an Educational Consultant, We focus on the practical usage of the language and encourage our students to improve their Spoken English, Writing, Reading and Listening skills.

The pioneers in overseas education counseling - to equip students with the best possible academic opportunities in prestigious universities abroad.

Acknowledged for providing best guidance and counseling to the students. Students can study abroad in best educational hubs of the world, including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand As education is the main catalyst in deciding the career of a student, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that students make the right decision.

With various project leaders and coordinators having experience in selecting and conducting initial assessments for selecting students, we are very confident of our collaboration to work with great results.

On an average, we maintain a healthy strength of students with a minimum average of 20-25 students monthly. Till now we have trained almost 1000 students for IELTS.

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